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MOT testing garages must absolutely comply with VOSA MOT re-test requirements.

MOT re-test requirements are quite complex and also tedious. Let us set the scene to help you as to when you might and cannot have a FREE re-test.

To start with, the primary rule is always that once your car has failed its MOT, the necessary period of time for any requisite repairs to be accomplished and any resulting re-test is exactly 10 trading days after the primary test date. This holds true as long as the vehicle or light commercial van has been remedied and after that scheduled in to obtain a re-test ahead of the end of 10 business days. If all of the aforementioned is true, subsequently the computerised MOT test programme that all MOT test garages depend on would, at this time, allow us to register the family car and perform the re-test.

So, it subsequently follows that the subsequent rule is often that in the course of an MOT test it's all too often the case that several components can be re-tested rapidly yet alternatively particular points must have more measured analysis.

Here is an example;

  • If for example your car falls short on 1 tyre; a changed tyre is straightforward to distinguish and a "fast track" MOT test may be done, this would undoubtedly take just a couple of minutes of the MOT testers time and for this reason won't attract a re-test charge.
  • Or an extra instance: Let's suppose the family car failed its MOT examination on headlamp aims, emissions, and brakes; in this case the family car must be enrolled with your nearest Brockley VOSA MOT test station for a part re-test and taken to the MOT testing bay, then an emissions analysis should be undertaken, a far less rigorous over-all check completed plus a full-blown braking mechanism check performed. This work mostly requires increased amounts of the MOT testers time, and that is why this is going to typically attract a re-test charge.

And as a result whilst we, and pretty much every MOTing garage, markets and offers FREE tests this is definitely, by and large, based on when your car is supplied for its MOT exam in Brockley and ultimately what exactly the vehicle failed the MOT on.

NOTABLY - in the event your car failed get through the MOT examination with us here in Brockley VOSA MOT centre and its afterwards mended by us, then it follows that we'll invariably perform ones retest FREE (i.e. at no cost to you), that's our thanks to you for selecting to try our Brockley VOSA MOT test station workshops.

If you need extra explanation, then this is a range of the 100 percent free retest items (if the car failed the MOT upon any one of these components then a short retest can be done).

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